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Illuminating Minds, Changing Lives

We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.


We are a group of teachers having the exposure of teaching, research, career counseling and guiding the future leaders at leading universities of the country, belonging to Chowk Azam. We owe a lot to our native city and we have wish to provide patronage to our young ones from the area, hence we find the name, The Guardians.

We have kick started three colleges in Chowk Azam right now:

  1. The Guardian College for Boys
  2. The Guardian College for Girls
  3. The Guardian College of Health Sciences

depending upon the future needs of our youth and the expertise of our group members. The students who will continue their educational career at The Guardian Colleges will be prepared for entry into the best engineering, medical and general educational institutions in Pakistan and abroad. With our expert faculty and state of the art teaching methods, The Guardian Colleges will enhance student abilities to their highest potentials to get them ready to be the leaders in their educational journey and profession. We will prepare our students for their intermediate examinations as well as for qualifying examinations for higher education like MDCAT, ECAT, GIKI, NUST, LUMS, FAST and other aptitude tests.


The Guardian Colleges is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

  • Professionally Trained Staff

  • Special Preparation for Exams
  • Workshops & Seminars

  • Student Learning Modules

  • Competency Based Training
  • Talent Based Assessment
  • Purpose Built Campuses
  • Conference Room for Meetings

  • Free Career Counseling

  • Parents Feedback Mechanism
  • National/Religious Events
  • Debating Club


To hold the hands of young generation to transform them into creative, confident and finest professionals of tomorrow.

To develop creative ability and confidence in our students to make them capable of meeting the challenges of modern world.

To establish an innovative environment with the approach to cater the professional needs of our youth by freeing our students from rote learning.

To follow our vision of bringing a positive change in the society by introducing good values and by providing quality education leading to intellectual development.


"When you have got the light of knowledge by means of education and when you have made yourselves strong economically and industrially, then you have got to prepare yourselves for your defense…….defense against external aggression and to maintain internal security."

(Presidential Address at the conference of The Punjab Muslim Students Federation, March 02, 1941)




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Main Campus Location Tail Munda, Layyah Road Bypass Chowk Azam, 31450

Phone: +92 606 381102

Mobile: +92 334 2124400

Web: www.gc.edu.pk