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Illuminating Minds, Changing Lives

We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

We are a group of teachers having the exposure of teaching, research, career counseling and guiding the future leaders at leading universities of the country, belonging to Chowk Azam. We owe a lot to our native city and we have wish to provide patronage to our young ones from the area, hence we find the name, The Guardians.

We have kick started three colleges in Chowk Azam right now:

  1. The Guardian College for Boys
  2. The Guardian College for Girls
  3. The Guardian College of Health Sciences

depending upon the future needs of our youth and the expertise of our group members. The students who will continue their educational career at The Guardian Colleges will be prepared for entry into the best engineering, medical and general educational institutions in Pakistan and abroad. With our expert faculty and state of the art teaching methods, The Guardian Colleges will enhance student abilities to their highest potentials to get them ready to be the leaders in their educational journey and profession. We will prepare our students for their intermediate examinations as well as for qualifying examinations for higher education like MDCAT, ECAT, GIKI, NUST, LUMS, FAST and other aptitude tests.

Our main focus targets involve implementing the ideology of certain critics like:

  • To ensure that no child is left uneducated due to financial barriers from nursery to Ph. D.

  • To ensure that percentage of marks and standards of life of youth of the area stays high.

  • To ensure that percentage of marks in matriculation is maintained at intermediate level.

  • To ensure that percentage of marks and real knowledge of the subjects stays high.

  • To ensure that no separate preparation is needed for MDCAT and ECAT examinations.

  • To ensure that the students have clear planning towards their life goals.

  • To ensure that the students know that what it takes to be professionally successful.

  • To ensure that the students have values towards preserving teaching of Islam, care and thankfulness of parents and patriotism.

Message from the Desk of Directors

Our colleges will help the students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers and grow in confidence to stand out from the crowd. We will play a role in the provision of quality education in the area and follow our dream of establishment of a modern education brand that has its origin in Chowk Azam. We will support every child’s right of education by all means and at all levels. We will therefore try to ensure the removal of financial barriers so that each child of the area gets quality education to end up as finest professional. Our educational venture aims to equip our young boys and girls with skills to deal with challenges of the modern world. Our aims include academic excellence as well as nourishing intellectual and personal development of our students.

Student’s ability to communicate with others, the most important factor in professional success, will be amongst our top priorities. Students will be groomed via extra-curricular activities to inculcate in students the skills like time management, team building and event planning to serve as added advantage as they progress in life.

Rapid transformation of education and excessive information because of involvement of digital devices in education is reshaping the process of teaching and learning. Our team of teachers is well versed with the latest developments and is prepared to lead the revolution in pedagogy and will ensure that our enterprising students are ready for future leadership. Educational learning objectives will be achieved by following the levels set by education experts. The concept of “learning by doing” and project based learning will be involved to ensure the real learning of the students enabling them to be stars in their possible future ventures.

Our group aims to diminish the quality divide between the different education systems by offering our expertise to other institutes. We plan to do so by providing teacher’s professional development trainings, material development and various other learning initiatives. We invite you to join us to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for the emerging future.



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Main Campus Location Tail Munda, Layyah Road Bypass Chowk Azam, 31450

Phone: +92 606 381102

Mobile: +92 334 2124400

Web: www.gc.edu.pk