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Project Description

Tomorrows Pharmacists

The Guardian College of Health Sciences has been established to transform an environment where health care professionals can meet the needs of individuals, community and population levels. Initially it has been established to impart Pharmacy Technician Program and is fully recognized by Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (PCP). Upon successful completion of this program, students will be awarded B. Category by Punjab Pharmacy Council. The institute is being governed under the supervision of legally qualified pharmacists and facilities have been provided for practical performance of Pharmaceutics, Physiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacognosy. A student after passing the examination for Registration in Register “B” will have the concept, basic introduction and knowledge of,

  • Preventive and therapeutic measures for management of health and disease.

  • Legal aspects and basic principles of pharmacy practice.

  • Present and future health problems of community and solutions of such problems through planning, implementation, critical evaluation and research in preventive programs.

  • The role of socio-cultural background, socio-economic factors, and changing environment in health and illness.

  •  Concept and knowledge of drugs and their development.

  • Therapeutic uses of drugs and medicines.

  • Toxicological manifestation of drugs and their side effects.

  • Management of drugs administration.

  • Pharmaceutical care.

Outcomes of Pharmacy Technician

Our graduates will be capable of;

  • Assisting the Pharmacists in compounding and dispensing the pharmaceutical preparations.

  • Assisting the Pharmacist in filling, packing and labeling of dispensed medicaments.

  • Assisting Pharmacist is compounding the pharmaceutical preparations.

  • Assisting the Pharmacist in the supply and storage of drugs, medical supplies, surgical and miscellaneous items in dispensaries, pharmacies, medical stores, laboratories and hospital wards.

  • Assisting Pharmacist in preparing and issuing demands or requests for drugs and other medical items from wards and other departments in hospitals.

  • Keeping inventory records showing the movement of drugs and other medical items in pharmacies and medical stores with special emphasis on their quantities and expiries; 

  • Properly communicating with other staff of the health care team.

  • Refering to library and reference books to collect information whenever needed.

  • Assisting the community pharmacist.

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